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Aug 27 '12

Artwork by Toy Sldrs.

1. Out Chea (remix) feat. Teon Pierce and Ryshon Jones (prod. By Sir Flywalker)
2. Live (prod. By Sir Flywalker)
3. Witchobadass (prod. By Banks On The Beat)
4. Erryday feat. Kris Kasanova (prod. By Red Letter)
5. Gemini Swag pt.2 feat. r.O.b & J.A.E (prod. Sir Flywalker)
6. TurnUp (prod. By Banks On The Beat)
7. Black Chucks (prod. Epic Beats)
8. W.T.F.I.Y.H.F (prod. By H2)
9. All I Got (prod. By [ . ])
10. Cook Forever feat. Chaz Van Queen, Tyquan Sounds & Art (prod. By Chaz Van Queen)

Dom O’s Gr8Summer drops Tuesday but be sure to go to the release party in Brooklyn tonight, sponsored by DealWithNoDeal, Adult Swim & Dreaming in Brooklyn.

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