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Mar 25 '12

Dom O Briggs - Always Inspire(d) EP

1. Always Inspire(d) (prod. By The Stuyvesants)
2. Out Chea (prod. By Sir Flywalker)
3. DopeNDoper ft. ScienZe (prod. By H2)
4. 180 (Pro)of (prod. By H2)
5. SwagMeOutDoe (prod. By H2)
6. Love My Life (prod. By H2)
7. Not Enough Words (prod. By Go-Z)
8. Real Shit (prod. By Pat Streater)
9. Hi (prod. By Sir Flywalker)
10. The Man (prod. By Stephen Spencer)
11. EyeLuvMuseik (prod. By BackPack NY)
12. B.N.S (Broke Nigga Shit) ft. Johnny U (prod. By H2)
13. Life Happens (prod. By H2)
14. Inspire(d) Always (prod. By H2)


Dom O comes together with RockTheDub, DWND & Toy Sldrs to release his 4th full length project Always Inspire(d) EP. This free project includes 14 tracks, including his singles “DopeNDoper" ft. ScienZe & "Out Chea”. Features include fellow Dope League members JohnNY U. & ScienZe while production comes from Sir Flywalker, H2, BackPack NY, Stephen Spencer, Pat Streater, Go-Z & The Stuyvesants.

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